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The head of Chechnya held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Guard after the incident in Makhachkala. He called on the security forces to immediately detain the instigators of the riots if they start in the region.

“If we have even one person who goes into unsanctioned riots, detain him and put him in prison. Or fire three warning shots in the air and after that, if the person does not comply with the law, fire the fourth shot in the forehead. They won’t come out anymore. This is my order,” Kadyrov said.

Let us remind you that on the evening of October 29, a crowd of men entered the Makhachkala airport and surrounded the plane from Israel, after which the security forces were pulled there. By October 30, the air harbor was cleared of illegally infiltrated people. The police have already identified more than 150 active participants in the riots, 83 of them have been detained. The Kremlin called the events in Makhachkala the result of outside intervention.

Three shots in the air, the fourth in the forehead: Kadyrov gave a strict order after the riots in Makhachkala

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