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I was rejected” How long ago was it
Anton Zatsepin admitted that he had romantic feelings for Evgenia Volkonskaya. However, the girl preferred Yuri Titov to him. Fans of “Star Factory” remember not only the guys’ brilliant performances, but also their relationships. It is not surprising that love arose between young and handsome guys. Sati Casanova had an affair with Alexei Kabanov, Nikita Malinin showed interest in Masha Weber… One of these bright couples could have been Anton Zatsepin and Evgeniy Volkonskaya, but reciprocity did not happen. “I really liked one girl at the beginning… Zhenya Volkonskaya. She’s so neat and cool. At that time, I was still a simple semi-rural guy who didn’t know how to take women. One day we were released from the star house, and I confessed my feelings to Zhenya. But it was very naive, like a schoolboy. It upset her. She was embarrassed to say, “What are you, a homeless person?” Confused? She said: “Damn, Anton, this is very nice, but…” In a word, I was rejected. At that moment I decided that screw it. It’s only three months. I decided to work and work,” he said in the YouTube show “Factory with Yana Churikova.”
Let us remember that Evgenia started an affair with Yuri Titov, although she dated another guy outside the show. Anton’s personal life was not easy either. He was on and off with a girl from his native Kommunarsk. “She behaved badly for the last year: she left and came. I found the strength to bring her back. Then I passed the casting for the “Star Factory,” I wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t find her. But then I arrived, and someone managed to knock her up,” the artist shared.
Soon the musician married Lyuba Khvorostinina, ten days after they met. Despite the romantic beginning, the marriage lasted only two months. Anton’s second wife was Ekaterina, who gave him a daughter. But having a child did not save the relationship. Now the star is happily married to radio host Elena Verbitskaya.

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Zatsepin about falling in love with Volkonskaya at “Star Factory-4”: “It broke her down.

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