International scientific conference “Interaction. Integration. Inclusion in an era of social crisis”

Posting in CHAT: Russia

Participants will discuss issues of research and development of sociocultural integration, approaches and practices implemented in different regions and countries, with an emphasis on problems affecting the integration of traditionally marginalized and vulnerable groups of the population. The conference is organized by the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research and the National Research University Higher School of Economics. IN THE PROGRAM: November 13, 10.00 – opening of the conference 10.15 – plenary session 12.15 – section “Technology and quality of life of people with disabilities in the era of digitalization: problems, challenges and social, religious, ethnic aspects”, section “Integration”. potential of professional communities: resource solidarity and the crisis of society”, round table “Policy and practice of inclusion in school and out-of-school education in the countries of the former Soviet Union” 15.00 – section “Accommodation arrangements for people with mental disorders” and disabilities.” : learning experience, programs, cases” 17.30 – section “Middle of life or life in the middle? Meanings, practices, trajectories of the life of an adult in modern Russia”, “Friendly school: at the crossroads of interests, school and city”, round table “Museums in working with society” NOVEMBER 14 10.00 – section “Theoretical foundations”. research on social integration and inclusion: altruism, solidarity and moral restrictions” 11.10 – section “Elements of the qualities of social technology: experience of comprehensive study” 12.00 – section “Inclusive culture in conditions of instability: values ​​and attitudes” of citizens of post-socialist countries”, “Employment of people with disabilities: results research and internal view” 13.10 – section “Emotional work in the field of professional assistance in (post)pandemic societies: new challenges and changes” 15.00 – sections “(In)production of indifference in the provision of public goods”, section “Health preservation, self-preservation and risk behavior in various social, territorial and ethnic groups”, “Research under conditions of uncertainty: problems and solutions”. 17.30 – plenary session NOVEMBER 15 12.15 – continuation of the section “Health, self-preservation and risky behavior in various social, territorial and ethnic groups”, section “Diversity and social inclusion in the workplace: local and international experience” Everyone We invite everyone interested in this topic to join conferences. Participation is free. Detailed information and registration can be found by following the link.

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