In the Leningrad region, children with disabilities can undergo hydrorehabilitation

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In the Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region, the “Three Elements” project is taking place, organized by the public organization “Good for All” on the basis of a grant from the governor of the Leningrad region. Thanks to the support of the public organization, it will help not only children in difficult life situations and children with disabilities, but also their parents and large families. The project allows you to experience a comprehensive rehabilitation program developed by a neurologist. The main emphasis of the program is classes in hydrorehabilitation and adaptive physical education. Project participants also visit a salt cave, a sensory room, yoga classes and art therapy practices. All classes are conducted under the supervision of specialists. The team is helped by teenagers from the Nikolsky Village Youth Council: they have become friends and mentors for the guys. The program already involves 40 children with disabilities, 20 normal children and 40 parents. They work with them both individually and in groups. “Children, including those with special needs, learned to swim, became better swimmers, and their communication skills and physical abilities improved. Thanks to the program, adults will be able to strengthen their immunity and become closer to their family. In the future, we plan to involve other specialists in the project: speech therapists, psychologists, osteopaths and acupuncturists. This way we will be able to provide even more comprehensive assistance,” says project manager Yulia Pastukhova. More information about the project can be found in the organization group. “Good for everyone.”

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