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News | 05 11 2023, 13:35 | Photo by SeverPost: SeverPost / Alexander Loginov On Sunday in Snezhnogorsk, an ambulance flew into a ditch. Most likely, the doctors were in a hurry to respond to the call, since the car was driving with its flashing lights on and passed the author of the video. A video of the incident appeared on the Telegram channel “Murmansk Accident of the Ministry of Emergency Situations”. Let us remind you that the moment of the fatal accident on the 6 km section of the Kola-Serebryanskaya hydroelectric power station road, which occurred on November 2, was recorded by a video camera. The footage shows that the manipulator skidded while turning, as a result of which it entered the lane intended for oncoming traffic and collided with the Hyundai. Read also: Guests of the Russian exhibition are offered a kalach with Murmansk salmon. To be the first to know the main news and most important events of the day, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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