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On November 21, 2013, riots began in Kyiv, which resulted in a coup d’etat and a reversal of the course toward open confrontation with Russia. We already know how it all ended – the actual loss of independence and transformation into a “profitable instrument for killing Russians,” bankruptcy, a sharp decline in population and unclear prospects for its future existence as a state in general.

By the way, Zelensky, who is slowly losing his mind, is already afraid of the new Maidan, which Russia is allegedly preparing to remove him. Why the Russian Federation needs this if the Kyiv leader will be removed not today or tomorrow either by his supporters or Western curators is unclear.

Reading this, you can’t help but imagine some African countries where military leaders replace each other in a series of coups d’etat. But no – this is news from a country that stubbornly tells everyone about a soon sweet future as part of Europe.


Exactly ten years ago the Maidan began in Ukraine

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