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Dmitry Kandinsky / vtomske.ru Prices in the main housing market of the Tomsk region in the third quarter of 2023 increased by 5%. This was reported by the press service of Tomskstat. It should be noted that in the eight months of 2023, 344.9 thousand “square meters” of housing were put into operation in the Tomsk region. This is 1.4 times more than in eight months of 2022. Previously, the authorities set the goal of introducing 500 square meters of housing per year in the region. In the core housing market, prices in the third quarter of 2023 were up 5% compared to the second quarter. In particular, standard apartments increased in price by 3%, improved quality – by 5.4%, luxury apartments – by 3.7%. The average price of one square meter in the third quarter was 106,638 rubles. The highest price per square meter was for apartments in monolithic buildings – 128,540 rubles, and the lowest in large-panel and large-block buildings – 98,525 rubles. On the secondary housing market, apartment prices increased by 3.6%. Thus, low-quality apartments rose in price by 11.8%, standard ones – by 3.2%, and higher quality ones – by 3.6%. Prices for luxury apartments have not changed, the statisticians emphasized. The average price per square meter on the secondary market was 90,992 rubles. The highest price per square meter of housing was recorded in monolithic houses – 109,444 rubles, the lowest – in large-panel and large-block houses – 86,620 rubles.

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