Ayaz Shabutdinov asked to be released on bail of 4 million rubles. • Russia today

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He stated that the criminal case came as a shock to him, because out of 30 thousand students, only 8 were dissatisfied. The investigation believes that the business coach could escape. It turned out that he has citizenship of a Caribbean country – Saint Lucia

Entrepreneur Natalya Kalistratova came to the meeting and wrote a statement against the millionaire blogger. She claims that the information gypsy scammed his students out of money, including through seduction.

Natalia has her own company that deals with logistics. She bought the premium course “Million with Ayaz” from Shabutdinov for 1.9 million rubles, but claims that she was scammed and forced to take out loans for it. Also, according to the girl, Ayaz scammed several of his students who were involved in business. He started romantic relationships with them and then took away the business. Kalistratova is sure that Ayaz’s common-law wife and children are only for content on social networks.

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