An automotive expert predicted an increase in prices for new cars in Russia

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News | 04 11 2023, 18:45 | SeverPost Photo: SeverPost / Alexander Loginov Prices for new cars in Russia may increase significantly, says Maxim Solodovnik, director of used cars at the FRESH car market. Taking into account the increase in the recycling fee and the key rate of the Central Bank, which negatively affected lending, prices for new cars could increase by 30% by the end of the year, the auto expert believes. According to him, this will also affect prices in the secondary market. “The cost of used cars directly depends on prices in the segment of new cars – the average bill increases after the price lists for them are updated, and also due to the lack of supply in the segment,” quotes the expert. . Currently, there are no prerequisites for reducing the cost of cars in both segments, Solodovnik emphasized. Therefore, if you need a car now, he advised not to delay the purchase. Let us remind you that in the Arctic the closing date for the navigation of small vessels has been determined. Read also: Regional Rosprirodnadzor: Which products contain vitamin D To be the first to know about the main news and the most important events of the day, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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