Advertisements about the sale of tickets and online locations of “The Nutcracker” on Avito have been removed.

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All advertisements for the resale of tickets for “The Nutcracker” have been removed on Avito, RIA Novosti reports. The Avito Internet service began posting advertisements offering tickets and bracelets for seats at the Bolshoi Theater box office for the ballet “The Nutcracker”; prices vary from 15 to 50 thousand rubles. “We compared the conditions for purchasing tickets through the theater box office and offers on the platform and believe that this will be correct. This solution supports our program to improve transaction security. We hope that this will help prevent some risks and make purchasing your favorite activity more accessible for viewers,” explained Avito. On the morning of November 4, the Bolshoi Theater box office began selling tickets for the Nutcracker ballet, popular during the New Year holidays. Tickets can only be purchased upon presentation of a passport. Since the queue is huge, you receive a bracelet with a queue number to enter the ticket office. In addition, on Avito, some advertisements offered a kind of “comfortable passage to the checkout” without queuing for 15 thousand rubles. There were also offers to buy tickets in advance, but without a guarantee. That’s why they asked for an advance payment. Given the huge demand for the performance, a ticket sales schedule is posted on the Bolshoi Theater website indicating which specific day you can buy a ticket. Thus, the queue will be significantly reduced, because people will come on the specified days, knowing in advance for which day they will be able to buy a ticket. In addition, the theater’s website states that tickets that are not sold after pre-sale at the box office will be available for purchase on the website and at the theater box office. Although, with such a rush of demand, it is unlikely that there will be unsold tickets.

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