A teacher from Taganrog was selected and trained at the Larisa Dolina Music Academy

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In St. Petersburg, from October 24 to 28, an intensive training course was held at the Larisa Dolina Music Academy for music teachers from all over Russia. The selection of music teachers was carried out on a competitive basis according to the following key criteria: the presence of their own pedagogical methodology, involvement in the life of the musical community, victories of students in music competitions. As a result of the elections, 25 people were lucky enough to become participants in the training program and community of music teachers at the Larisa Dolina Academy Muscult.ru. The Rostov region was represented by 2 teachers Anastasia Datchenko (Taganrog) and Raisa Davydova (Rostov). The intensive program included master classes by honored artists and eminent mentors of the Music Academy Larisa Dolina on current topics: “Vocal techniques, techniques, singing.” , “Competent performance of a song in English”, “Improvisation”, “Vocal technique”, “Does a singer need to be a musician? The basics of a singer’s arrangement. How to find yourself and be an individual”, “Competent singing in Russian”, “Development of singers’ musicality”, “Artist’s mentality”, “Peyraphobia”. Working with stage fright”, “Charisma and authentic voice”, “Specifics of working with an orchestra”, etc. Participants in the final gala concert were: People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, mentors and students of the academy, children’s choirs. art schools of St. Petersburg, intensive teachers, musicians of the Mussorgsky Jazz Orchestra. The video version of the concert will be shown on November 10 in the virtual concert hall “PetersburgConcert”. The organization of the intensive was at the highest level. The entire teaching staff are true professionals in their field, generously sharing their knowledge and materials; all these trainings were immersed in an atmosphere of creativity and sincere love for their work. Participants absorbed new knowledge, discussed and looked for progressive solutions. Each school day ended with a summing up and preparation of a general performance by intensive teachers with the composition “Amazing Grace” for participation in a large gala concert at the Moskovsky Cultural Center, which presented famous compositions by Russian and foreign stars, jazz standards in original arrangements. The final performance was the presentation of the composition “The Show Must Go On” by People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, President of the Music Academy, together with the combined choir, students of the Academy and musicians of the Mussorgsky Jazz Orchestra. A total of 28 compositions were performed at the concert. Performing on the big stage at the same gala concert with such professionals was a real event for avid participants. Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov congratulated Larisa Dolina, teachers and students of the academy on the successful completion of the St. Petersburg project. “The music academy has been operating for a year and a half, but has already gained authority in the professional community. The Larisa Dolina Academy is engaged in searching, training and nurturing young talents. The team of music teachers at the academy are true masters of their craft,” the governor noted. He emphasized that the whole country knows and loves the work of Larisa Dolina. “Larisa Alexandrovna is our real Russian star. Her voice and talent are recognized all over the world. Her songs are full of optimism and good mood. Today we had the opportunity to meet with our favorite artist in a different capacity – as a teacher and mentor,” noted Alexander Beglov. After the concert, there was a ceremonial presentation of certificates personally by Larisa Dolina, a buffet table and a tea party with a luxurious “musical” cake. Participants in the training intensive brought innovative “tools” to their cities for working with students. “After graduating from the conservatory, I am constantly studying, going through more and more new educational programs. I consider it necessary to improve my qualifications in order to maintain creative and pedagogical tone and keep up with the times. Such training at the Larisa Dolina Music Academy powerfully charges and inspires, expanding the boundaries of the usual. By learning from the best, we adopt successful experience, increase the chances of achieving results – we grow a talented young musician into a great artist. A group of like-minded people is very valuable to me. After getting to know the training participants, we will continue communication and prepare joint projects. After completing the training, we have the opportunity to become part of a large professional community,” a music teacher from Taganrog shared her impressions. D. Pautova6960 News about Notepad-Taganrog

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